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Professional Accounting Exams

  • Exams 2014
    The Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants will be holding its 2014 summer exams from 26th to 29th of May 2014.
  • Location
    The exams will be held in the Osprey Hotel, Devoy Quarter, Naasm Co Kildare.
  • Registration
    Registration for these exams has commenced. Students who wish to register for the exams should complete the exam registration form below and forward it to the Institute with the appropriate fee.
  • Exam Schedule and Registration Form
  • Exam Schedule
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Qualified Accountants


Looking for Change?

  • Automatic Membership
    Professional Accountants who are members of Prescribed Accounting Bodies may automatically qualify for membership of our institute. It is also possible to qualify for an Audit Practice Certificate (subject to conditions).
  • Audit and Accounting Practice Registration
    Recently qualified members of other Recognised Accountancy bodies admitted to the IIPA may qualify for an audit practising certificate based on their prequalification training. Likewise recently qualified members of other Recognised or Prescribed Accountancy bodies admitted to the IIPA may qualify for an accounting practisinb certificate based on their prequalification training.
  • Appropriate Regulation
    The Institute maintains a very careful balance in how we regulate the practice of our members. In particular, we strive to ensure that our members are not hamstrung by over-regulation and red tape.
  • Robust Representation
    Our relatively small size and member focused approach ensures that your interests are protected and enhanced. We place the highest value on providing a voice for our members across the profession.

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Are you a qualified Accounting Technician, or have you completed part or all of a relevant third-level qualification? If you have then this can reduce the number of modules you must complete in order to qualify as an Incorporated Public Accountant.

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Why Study for IIPA qualifications?

  • Fastest way to a Professional Accounting Qualification
    The IIPA's offers the fastest route to becoming a finance professional. You can qualify as an Incorporated Public Accounting Technician (IPAT) in 18 months to 2 years, or as an Associate Incorporated Public Accountant (AIPA) in 4 years.
  • Widest Range of Study Options
    We aim to provide the most flexible route to your Professional Accounting Qualification. So you can choose between distance learning and accredited colleges. You can even blend these options over over your study.
  • Get Paid while you Study
    There is a long tradition in the accounting and finance professions of working while you study. This means that the profession is attractive to school leavers, those who choose not to go to college, and those who wish to change careers.

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Promoting Professional Standards and Protecting the Public Interest


Promoting Best Practice

  • Professional Standards
    Our membership is required to maintain a high level of professional competency. This is monitored by a dedicated committee of the Board, and includes visits to practices to ensure that standards are being upheld.
  • Constitutional Documents
    The IIPA has a number of guiding documents, collectively known as the "Constitutional Documents". They are as follows:
  • Ethics
    All members of our institute are required to follow the Ethical Standards for Professional Accountants of the International Federation of Accountants. These are the very best codes of conduct for Professional Accountants.
  • Complaints, Investigations and Disciplinary System
    We have a professional standards maintenance structure including complaints, Investigations and Disciplinary System. These maintain and enhance the trust of customers of Incorporated Public Accountants. If you wish to make a complaint against a member of the IIPA you can download a Complaint Form.

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