Become an Incorporated Public Accountant

Why Study Accounting?

Becoming an Incorporated Public Accountant is a fantastic career choice. First of all the demand for finance professionals is insatiable, so the choice of jobs is very high. Second, you can choose the method of study/training that suits you.


Choice of Study Methods

Maybe you want to work and study at the same time - no problem, or how about full-time study - certainly, or on-line or distance learning - that is open to you as well. Our Institute is particularly proud that it is pioneering the use of eLearning technology to allow to qualify as an Incorporated Public Accountant or Accounting Technician. This is the most flexible learning method available. You can learn at your own pace, study as many or as few subjects as you like, and successfully achieve the goal of becoming a Finance Professional.


Suits a Wide Range of People

There are opportunities to study for everybody - these days many people enter accounting as a change of career. If you are an Accounting Technician, have a Degree or Masters in Accounting or Business, you may be eligible for exemptions. The Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants can offer you access to the accounting profession at all three of the most common levels, those being as an Accounting Technician, a Professional Accountant and Registered Auditor. You can find a brief description of each of these roles, as well as links to other pages which provide even more information on each choice.

>Accountant and Auditor

>Accounting Technician


Have you completed a relevant third-level qualification? If you have then this can greatly reduce the number of modules you must complete in order to qualify as an Incorporated Public Accountant.


Choose IIPA


Why Study for IIPA qualifications?

  • Fastest way to a Professional Accounting Qualification
    The IIPA's offers the fastest route to becoming a finance professional. For example, qualified Accounting Technicians may qualify as an Associate Incorporated Public Accountant (AIPA) in as little as 2years,.
  • Widest Range of Study Options
    We aim to provide the most flexible route to your Professional Accounting Qualification. So you can choose between distance learning or accredited colleges. You can even blend these options over over your study.
  • Get Paid while you Study
    There is a long tradition in the accounting and finance professions of working while you study. This means that the profession is attractive to school leavers, those who choose not to go to college, and those who wish to change careers.